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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Google Assistant App : Call, Search, Navigate And More

 Google Assistant App : Call, Search, Navigate And More

You can Call, search, navigate and more – all together with your Google Assistant App.

Get the Google Assistant App for hands-free help

Your Google Assistant App is prepared to assist when and where you would like it. Manage your schedule, get help with everyday tasks, control smart-home devices, enjoy your entertainment and far more. Read Also : Happy New Year Photo Frame Making

Just start with: “Hey Google”

Play music and videos with your voice

Find music supported a genre, play your favourite songs, playlists, podcasts and music videos, or find the right tunes for activities like cooking, studying or understanding . You can also skip songs and adjust the quantity. Read Also : One Stop Solutions Of Entertainment

“Play workout music”

“Play my Discover Weekly on Spotify”

“Set volume to 50%”

Stay in-tuned with hands-free calls, texts and emails

Your Google Assistant App makes it fast and straightforward to remain connected to those that matter most. Send text messages make calls and draft emails to your contacts. Read Also : Mobile Phone Review and Superb Setting

“Read my unread texts”

“Call Caroline”

“Text Sam ‘On my way'”

Get quick directions and local information by Google Assistant

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