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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Your mobile can also be used as a TV remote


Changing the channel of the TV with your mobile phone or raising or lowering the temperature of the AC is very easy. This work just needs to have an "IR Blaster" in your phone. Most smartphones are offered with IR Blaster. If you see a black spot on the top of the body of the phone, it could be an IR Blaster. If the phone has an IR blaster then you just have to download the app for it. Almost every company has an official app so you can download it directly and with a very normal setup you have to synchronize your TV-AC with the phone and just your smart phone is now your smart remote. Apart from the official application of the company, you can also download another third party application and turn your smartphone into a smart remote. The following is a list of some of the most popular third party apps.

IR BlasterIR Universal RemoteIR Universal Remote ControlAnyMote Universal RemoteSmart IR Remote

You may wonder how this technology works, the answer is very simple. The full name of IR Blaster is Infrared Blaster. When mobile phones were born in India, most of Nokia's phones had IR Blaster through which we could transfer ringtones from one phone to another. This is the same technology and now it has been developed a bit more.

Any one of the above applications or the company's smartphone you are using has to follow a very simple setup procedure after downloading the company's own IR Blaster application. Select the device you want to use then select the model of the device i.e. TV-AC-CD / DVD player you have and try to pair it with infrared rays and just your smartphone will be converted to smart remote.

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