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Friday, November 12, 2021

Cyber Thieves Steal Cryptocurrency Worth More Than Rs 3 Crore From Google Ads, You Can Be The Next Target, Avoid This Way

Recently a scam has come to the fore in which cyber thieves are stealing cryptocurrency worth crores of rupees through Google Ads. Let's know about this scam.

New Delhi. As much as the Internet has made our lives easy and solved, it has also been made troubling. Cases of cyber theft are increasing every day. With the increase of this figure, the types and types of cyber theft are also increasing. Cyber ​​thieves are doing huge harm to people with new ways and means. Recently, let us tell you about the new scam, from which you should also be careful.

Crores stolen from new cyber scam

Recently, a new cyber scam has come to the fore in which thieves are stealing people's cryptocurrency wallets through Google Ads and are losing crores and making their profit. Thieves keep ads that are copies of famous wallet brands like Phantom and Metamask at the top of Google search. With these ads, users take their crypto wallet passphrase and private key. This research has been done by Check Point Research (CPR). Cryptocurrency worth more than Rs 3 crore has been stolen in a few days.

How does scam happen?

First of all, a Google ad associated with the cyber thief crypto wallet appears above the search bar and then it looks like a Google ad so users click on it. With this, users go directly to the website which looks like the website of the wallet but is fake. If you have a wallet on that site then your passphrase goes to the website and if you do not have a wallet then a new passphrase is given on the website. This way a thief can access your wallet and steal all your cryptocurrency.

how to stay safe

According to CPR's research, all those people who use cryptocurrency should first be cautious and many such steps are also being told to those people by which users can stay safe. Keep in mind that before clicking on any link, please check that link and click on the secure link only. Make sure to check the Chrome extension from which the passphrase is generated. Also, never share your passphrase with anyone.

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